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41 Gloucester Rd

Crafting your living with soul

A home is both a secluded space to withdraw and an ultimate space to entertain. It is the new Element of Living.


Element Living Interiors


Element Living is the Winner of the International Design & Architecture Awards 2021.

Our studio is nestled in the heart of London Mayfair. Founded by design director Sineerat in 2014, it provides a premium, bespoke service to a discerning global client base seeking exclusivity and originality in one holistic offering.

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We provide a premium, bespoke service for both our UK and global clients.

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Palace Gate reception area 2
Palace Gate reception area 3
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Knightsbridge dining area 1
Knightsbridge reception 1
Knightsbridge dining area 2
Our style embodies Soulfulness, Stillness and Sensuality.

I found Sinee a gem to spend time with. Her beautiful gifts as a designer, her warmth and her sense of fun.

Above all her sensitivity and ability to listen to and care for what her clients want is a rare quality in many designers! I take great pleasure in endorsing and recommending Sinee.

You can't put a price on this sort of emotional detail. There're the horseshoes that I found on the beach while I was grieving for my mum in Santa Barbara; the crockery set has been stamped with our family crest. And there are many of these personal touches throughout our home.

...Oh dear me!!!!!! You are a genius. I love everything you chose. They are unbelievably me.

...This is more beautiful than I could imagine...

Our Social Commitment

Good Design with Kindness
Passion with Compassion

We combine our passion for interior design with compassion for mankind. Our design philosophy and company mission intertwine to form our ongoing commitment to touch the lives and make a difference to those who truly need it.

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