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Good Design with Kindness
Passion with Compassion

We combine our passion for interior design with compassion for mankind.
Our design philosophy and company mission intertwine to form our ongoing commitment to touch the lives and make a difference to those who truly need it.

A volunteer speaking with an elderly woman holding a walking stick
Element Living Foundation

The Element Living Foundation is a fundamental pillar of Element Living interiors. They are two trees that grow from the same seed, in which our international design projects bear the fruit to help support meaningful pursuits, from funding food banks to supporting those who live in poverty.

Love Your Neighbour

Food donations in Bangkok

Food donation is the biggest slum in Bangkok, Thailand, the country with the highest wealth inequality in the world. During the pandemic, Element Living donated funds to those who tested positive with Covid-19 and were left hungry, jobless and self-isolated at home.

Volunteers handling food donations outside a school

Happy to Help

If you have a social project we can assist with, please enquire here