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Our Projects

Holland Park, St. James's Gardens, London


An eclectic revival of style

This light-filled family home conceived for a femme fatale and quintessential gentleman unifies their dual desire for a contemporary social setting twinned with a traditional private retreat.

The shutter panels with fabric inserts in the traditional damask with Renaissance motif introduce a modern aesthetic to a Victorian staple.

The theme ‘staying in is the new going out’ breathed life into the double reception room – a haute-bourgeoisie-styled space where the couple and their friends can escape the trappings of parenthood without leaving the house.

I focus on the personal and meaningful

Even the smallest of objects carry weight and meaning. The client found this horseshoe on a beach when mourning her late mother and she cherishes it as a symbol of their love. Now framed in hand-picked calico, it's a powerful reminder that her mother is watching over her and provides personal solace every time she sinks into this armchair.

Old school play

This handcrafted Linley games table constructed out of blue sycamore injects modern fun into classic multi-functional, bringing a twist to an office and playroom. The contrasting styles of the Vienna straw sideboard and avant-garde blue filing cabinet give the space a deliberate slant on past and present.


The sense of a feeling

The family room needed to be light and airy yet still conjure a sense of daring nobility. The aqua tones and off-white glow of this carpet combination take inspiration from the ocean and the moon. It evokes a zen connection to nature, but also gives a nod to bourgeois bohemian style.

Design from within

This painting spoke to me with its movement and colour

I selected this painting because it beautifully depicts the clients' dichotomous characters. It draws on the dark drama of the old masters, like Rembrandt and Caravaggio, yet delights with a Frida Kahlo-ish extravagant swish of a dramatic flamenco dress. There are white lines and paint drips that give a pop of modernity, set against a fiery backdrop.

Shades of Renaissance
Aqua Ocean