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Our Projects

Hyde Park,


A restorative family haven

This calming home is for a multi-generational musical family that needs a curative space in which to collectively regroup, as well as the freedom to flourish as individuals.

The piano corner is a theatrical performance space that invites the soothing power of music into the heart of the family home.

In the opposite corner, twin desks and chairs create a cosy study nook that invokes focus and togetherness.

A room with a view

Looking out across London's leafy Hyde Park, this tranquil bedroom complements the disparate personalities of both daughter and matriarch. The meticulous design centres around a bespoke ethnic bedspread with a silk strip and side split that epitomises the quality of a custom fit. Every piece of furniture bespoke designed, every fabric hand-selected, to create a harmonious colour scheme.


Fabrics that touch the soul

The sensational sliding Indian silk screen, framed in brass and dressed in burnt orange and blue, served as the starting point for this project. Its duality celebrates the spirit of creativity – a stunning backdrop to the piano that artfully conceals the television on the wall behind.

Shades of personality

Hand-picked silk cushions and satin bolsters add a sense of comfort and belonging. Each fabric reflects the cocooning nature of the abode in a blended colour palette that echoes the family's individual traits and temperaments.

Design from within

Precision positioning provides a framework to a personal vision

I execute my vision with an unwavering eye for detail. Here, it's evident in the contrasting curtain borders and the exact drop height of the vintage pendant lights, which echo the optimum aesthetics of the two pendant lights above the grand piano. For me, beauty lies in the quest for perfection – striking a balance where the smallest of specifics underpin the creation of a fully transformational space.

Quiet comfort
A bespoke palette in a studious setting