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Notting Hill, Lansdowne Road, London


A reception for all occasions

This grand entrance hall is the perfect start to every story, whether that's an inviting reception area, a light-filled entertainment space or a resting place where the family return to at the end of a long day.

Every movement and image are a pure translation of the original design vision. This circular seat with a central floral arrangement is what guests gravitate around on arrival – for conversation, amid a Champagne reception, as well as the practical and comfortable removal of shoes.

Ballroom appeal

Artisanal craftsmanship is on display with this stunning Baccarat crystal chandelier, an objet d'art that the client had coveted since early adulthood. A singular ruby crystal engraved with the brand's signature ‘B’ is hung in pride of place as a flashy welcome to all who enter.

A conversation starter

The reimagined 1800s sculpture by celebrated fashion photographer Nick Knight is one of only three in existence. Made from solid alabaster, when sunlight passes through, it sets it aglow, inserting a seductive twist to a Renaissance fundamental. Drawing the eye with its modernist flare and model pose, it sits tall on a stone pedestal adding an excess of height and drama.


Worth waiting for

On occasion, one final element is the vital ingredient that ties a design together. The wooden sideboard with its dramatic jade agate handles picks out the green shades of the velvet seat, echoes the modern artwork, and complements the smoke lustre ombre glass lamp that adds an air of mystery like gathering storm clouds. It was the last piece to the holistic jigsaw.

Design from within

I work with layers to bring an element of surprise

It was the client's dream to have an entrance hall that would stop guests in their tracks, but rather than create a single theme, I sourced individual pieces that are seemingly traditional yet possess surprising characteristics that work together as a whole. It's the magic of past and present, the fusion of old and new.

Baccarat crystal
Sheer fabrics
Soft layered textures