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Our Projects

South Kensington, Palace Gate, London


A vibrant home for quiet solitude

Quiet masculinity meets vital vibrance in this energised yet peaceful home. The dramatic use of eye-catching burnt orange is grounded by chocolate brown, black and burnished gold accents.

A purple crushed velvet rug brings deep lavish colours, tactile textures and soft curves to the master bedroom.

In the living room, the drama of a mustard-coloured sofa is tempered by black and white cinematographic artwork to add weight and gravity to an animated design.

Balance of power

The heavy black and burnished gold tones of a dark colour palette bring a bold, sophisticated ambience to this machismo abode. Its intensity is offset with a flurry of curvaceous angles and cambers creating a softened contrast and eliminating any sharp corners.


Call of the wild

The use of natural tactile fabrics, including the soft supple texture of aged leather, helps to round off the edges of this edgy interior. Animal hide rugs, dark wenge wood elements and tarnished brass studs carry the stillness of an understated urban wilderness.

Stone cold genius

Deep veined marble in the main bathroom adds another audacious layer of self-assured design. Each stone slab is bookmatched to ensure an uninterrupted flow of pattern and movement from floor to ceiling in an inexhaustive pursuit of excellence.

Design from within

My only rule is to design from my soul

When designing with heart and emotion, true inspiration comes from within. For this project, I drew on a deep connection with nature and the textures of well-worn natural fabrics. It's captured here on a vibrant canvas partnered with a delicate reflections.

Gatsby-esque flare
Burnished gold
Bold marble veins